Miriam Cummings, conducting a mentoring training session to potential mentors.
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Miriam Cummings, conducting a mentoring training session to

potential mentors. 

The Los Angeles CARES Mentoring Movement (LACMM) is an affiliate of the National CARES Mentoring Movement (NCMM).  NCMM's mission is to create a highly visible and effective national mentoring campaign targeting the Black community.  LACMM's two primary goals are to bring guidance to the lives of our youth by pairing them with organizations that offer mentoring services and other supportive programs and to significantly increase the pool of caring Black mentors for Black youth.  NCMM and its affiliates do not offer mentoring services; rather, they recruit mentors for organizations that provide mentoring and other youth-support services and encourage local leaders to raise awareness of the need and benefits of mentoring.


Our Community Partners in Los Angeles include:

- 100 Black Men of Los Angeles: www.100bmla.net
- Brotherhood Crusade:  www.brotherhoodcrusade.org
- The Village Nation:   www.thevillagenation.com
- Youth Mentoring Connection: www.youthmentoring.org
- Motivated Men of Susan Miller Dorsey High School www.motivatedmen.org







In 2007, Susan Taylor, formerly the editor of Essence Magazine, made it her life's mission to engage caring adults from Black communities across the United States to get involved with mentoring our young people.  She utilized her resources through her relationships to launch the Essence Cares Mentoring Movement.  She went on the Oprah Winfrey show to announce this effort and incidentally, one of the Los Angeles area's local partners was featured on the show announcing the work they were doing at a high school in the San Fernando Valley area of L.A.  When Susan retired from Essence magazine, she removed the name Essence and replaced it with the term "National" to form the National CARES Mentoring Movement (NCMM).  


In 2008, the Los Angeles CARES Mentoring Movement (LACMM) was launched when Susan asked her good friend Barbara Perkins to lead the efforts in Los Angeles to create an affiliate under the NCMM.  Barbara quickly assembled a group of her close contacts that she knew would be a good fit for this work.  Barbara is an exceptional and phenomenal woman that has an extensive background that ranges from politics to life coaching.  She tapped Brent Burton, a Captain with the Los Angeles County Fire Department and the chairman of the mentoring committee for the 100 Black Men of Los Angeles, to come on board and serve with her as the co-chair of the Los Angeles affiliate.  She also tapped Char Bland, a community organizer in the Pasadena community and Diane Robertson an attorney with CBS and a host of others to create the Los Angeles chapter which is known as the local affiliate of the NCMM.  

The LACMM has secured partnerships with 4 solid organizations that have mentoring programs or perform youth service related activities.  The Brotherhood Crusade, The Village Nation, the 100 Black Men of Los Angeles and Youth Mentoring Connection.  Today, the LACMM is committed to serving our youth in the Black Community by partnering with youth service oriented organizations and helping to recruit mentors that want to serve our young people and give back to their community.    

Dr. Anthony Samad, President of the 100 Black Men of LA, Barbara Perkins-Co-Chai,

LACMM and Captain Brent Burton co-chair LACMM at the 2008 NCMM retreat in Orange County Ca. 


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